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A Healthy person’s normal one inhaling and exhaling time is considered as 4 seconds. This is also called one “ praanakaala”. Six such praanakaala time would make 24 seconds or one “ Vinaadi”.( Two and half Vinadi is 60 seconds i.e one minute) One “Naazhika” is equal to 24 minutes. 60 Naazhikas are equal to 24 hours- that is one day- One sayana day or 21,600- praanakaalam. A person daily does 21,600 inhaling and exhaling.

One year consists of 365 days 15 Naazhikas, 22 Vinadees. This is called one Samvatsaram. Kaliyugam consists of 1200 Deva Varsha which is equivalent to 4,32,000 Maanava Varsha. Totally a Chaturyuga consists of 12000 Deva varsha or 43,20,000 Maanava Varsha.

It is reported that a person’s poorna aayu: as 120 maanava years

It is believed that out of four chaturyugas of this mahayuga we are in the Fourthyuga that is Kaliyuga. One Mahayuga consists of the following:-

Krutha Yuga- 17,28,000 years, Treta Yuga 12,96,000 years, Dwapara Yuga 8,64,000 years. Kali Yuga 4,32,000 years.

1000 such Mahayugas are ruled by 14 Manus. First Manu was Swaayambhuva Manu.
Now it is the period of Vaivaswatha Manu. Out of 7 Kalpam starting from Parthiva Kalpam we are now in the fifth, i.e in Swetha Varaha Kalpam to be followed by Brahma Kalpam and Savithra Kalpam. So far 27 Chatur Yugas are over and we are in the 28th Chatur Yuga. -Aòa ivA Span of 1000 Chatur Yuga is reported as one day time of Brahma.
Brahma’s life span is reported as 100 years. It is said that when Brahma goes to sleep- after completion of His day- The first three worlds out of the 7 upward worlds i.e Bhoo, Bhuva, Sswha would be dissolved by pralaya ( deluge). By this pralaya however, Maha:, Jana,Tapo and Sathya Lokas would not be affected.

As on date nearly 50% of the Life Span of the present Brahma is over. Our Bhoo Loka is in between 7 Paatala Lokas below and 6 Upper Lokas above. Out of 7 Oceans we are surrounded by Salt ocean. Out of 7 Dweepams in the earth we are in Jambu Dweepam and are following Bharata Varsha and are in the BharataKhanda. When we are doing Sankalpam, we generally quote the particular time and period starting from the beginning of the creation of this world by the Lord. That is to say we time and again dedicate ourselves to the Glory of the Lord by quoting the Kalachakra.

Aadhya---- Brahmanaha: Dwetheeya Paraadhe, Swetha Varaha Kalpe, Vaivaswatha Manvanthare, Ashtaa vimsathi Thame( i.e 28th Chatur Yuge)Kaliyuge, Pradhame Paade (First Quarter of Kaliyuga), Jambu Dweepe, Bharata Varshe,Bharata Khande,Meroho Dakshine Parswe ( South side of the Maha Meru) etc.

Apart from the above, we quote the particular name of the year ( out of the 60 cyclic years), and whether the samkalpam period is in Uttaraayana or in Dakshinayana. The name of the Rithu, Star, Paksha, Thithi, Yoga, and Karana etc etc. applicable to the moment of the Samkalpa time are also recited when we are doing a Samkalpa. That is to say the entire Kaala Chakra Periods as applicable to particular samkalpa time are being chanted from time to time, to praise the Glory of the Lord. Utimately we also accept in the Samkalpa of the fact that this world, the week, the days, the stars, the thithi etc etc. are all His manifestations only and there is nothing in this world without the Almighty, the omnipotent, Omnipresent, the Omniscient.

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