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Marriage, according to Hindu-Brahmin custom, tradition, culture etc. are not simply a contract. It is a religious sacrament, a spiritual union. It is not only for conjugal pleasure, but also for mental , moral and spiritual growth and realisation of self of the partners. Long Staying Marriage is considered as an extraordinarily great phenomenon, a notable landmark and splendid achievement in the present days. This marriage is not merely for the married couple but for upholding the “ Gruhastha-Aashrama Dharma” namely to be of service to the community and transmit culture to the off spring and through them posterity

Horoscope matching of boy and the girl is pursued for a stable , harmonious, compatible, prosperous married life. A good agreement between the bride and bridegroom will not only ensure that the marriage is not wrecked but it fulfills the above objectives.

According to Desa-Kaala and Aachara- in matching of horoscopes, some of the parameters followed vary from place to place. Especially- Kerala method of matching vary from others in many respects. They give importance to Madhyama Rajju, Papa Samya, Kootu Dasa/Dasa Sandhi etc. apart from other poruthams. Hence a good astrologer’s assistance is required to conclude compatibility between a bride and a bridegroom. As most of us not well versed in these matters- to have a outline - broad idea- about horoscope matching for marriages we should have a good panchangam. After screening for Gothram- Physical-Salary –Qualification- Place of Job- match- etc.; one may give some attention to the horoscope with respect to the star/ Nakshatra. Stars give preliminary 10 matching points to start with. Thus by giving some attention in preliminary screening itself one can avoid taking huge sets of horoscopes to the astrologer. The very purpose of this article is only for preliminary screening of horoscopes by the parents /relatives of the prospective bride and bridegroom. Apart from Star matching points, nearly around 10 horoscope matching points also have to given importance. These horoscope matching points can be ascertained only by a learned astrologer- not by ordinary persons. For love marriages, or marriages. among relatives – where mind matching is given more importance than the horoscope. Many learned people are of the opinion, that in the present day context, rigid or rule to rule matching can be avoided if the bride and bridegroom’s minds match well. Hence sub-caste matching, status matching -qualification matching , income matching, language matching, area wise matching, etc. should be given less weightage in the present day circumstances to have good community wise bondage . Gone are the olden days where any bride or bridegroom would wait for the arranged marriage if there is delay. Hence to be more prudent - we parents have to compromise more to get a good bride or bridegroom from our own community.



This matching point is considered for family prosperity. Boy’s rasi, from the that of the girl should preferably be more than 6 rasis .It is generally said that the moon’s position in the boy’s chart should not be in 2,3,4,5,6th position from that of the girl. Exception to the rule is available in certain circumstances. Weightage allotted for this kuta is 7 points out 36.

2, RASI ATHIPATHI: - (graham maithram) - This matching is important for prospect of progeny. The girl’s chart moon lord and the boy’s chart moon lord should not be enemies. If friends, full Rasi Kuta point is available which has weightage of 5 points. If neutral, rasi kuta can said to be ordinary.

3. NADI: - This kuta is classified into three category i.e Vatha, Pitha and Kabha. Accordingly all the 27 stars are divided into three groups, This kuta is essential because this indicates pulse or nervous energy- indicating physcological factors, and to certain extend hereditary factors. Counting from star one Aswathi in the order 1,2,3, and in reverse order as 4,5,6 and again as in the beginning as 7,8,9 in multiples of three one can find out whether the Nadi kuta is present or not. The star of the boy and the girl should not come in same line or under the same group. Maximum kuta point of 8 is allotted for this.

4. GANAKUTA: This kuta is important for compatibility; temperament, and basic character of the couples. Kutas are classified as Deva – Manushya- and Asura Gana. Boy and girl belonging to same gana or a combination of Deva and Manushya gana seems to be compatible. Others are reported as non- agreeable. But if Star Deerga is more than 14- non matching of this kuta may be ignored. Points allotted for this matching is 6 out 36.

5. DINAKUTA: (Tara- balam). This matching is considered auspicious for Brahmins. Count the star of the boy from that of the girl and divide the number by 9. If the reminder is in even numbers say 0,2,4,6,8, Dina kuta is present.. For others; this matching point is not available. Points allotted to this kuta are 3 out 36.

6. RAJJU KUTA:- This kuta indicates the strength and length of married life Total of 27 stars are divided into 5 combinations as pada-kati-nabhi-kanta-sira- ( ekarajju) Rajjus. Starting from pada and star Aswathi this rajju is counted first in the ascending order and then in descending order from Arudra star upto Makam; then again in the ascending order from pooram-- in multiples of five. The Rajju of the boy and the girl should not come in the same rajju. However, if one is aarohana and the other is in avarohana is acceptable in certain cases. Weight age allotted to this kuta is 1.

7. VEDHA-KUTA: - This kuta is called affliction. For each star there is a Veda Star. That star should be avoided. Example: For Aswathi star Veda star is Jyeshta for Bharani- Anusham is the Vedha Star. If the vedha stars and the rasiathipathi’s of the stars happen to be in shashtashtama , i.e in combination of rasi 6/8 then matching of these stars should be definitely be avoided. Points allotted for this kuta is 1.

8. YONI KUTA: - This kuta is considered to ascertain the compatibility of the couple. Each star is allotted an animal sign. Hostile combination of these animal-yonis should be avoided. 4 points are assigned for this kutamatching.

9.Nakshatra Deerga ( Star Deerga):- Counting from the girl’s star that of the boy should be normally be beyond 9 to get good matching points. One point is allotted for this kuta.

10. Mahendra Kuta: - Mahendra kuta is considered for the prosperity of the couple. Start counting star of the boy from that of the girl ; if the number is 4/7/10/13/16/19/22/25 etc then this kuta is present. One point is allotted for this kuta.

11. VASYA KUTA:- counting from mesha rasi as one in that order- certain combination of rasis are said to have matching points say, 1,5,8 2,4,7 – 3,6 and 12, - 4,8,9 etc. 2 Points are allotted for this kuta. Example 1 Mesha 5 is Simha and 8 is Vruchika.

Exceptions to the rules in certain cases applicable are as under:

1. Absence of Star Deerga may be ignored if Rasi Kuta and Graha Maithri are available.

2. Graha maithri may be ignored if couple have their janma rasi’s are same or samasapthama.

3. Rajju kuta may be ignored if graham maithri, Rasikuta, Dinakuta, and Mahendra Kuta are available.

4. The evil effect of nadi kuta may be ignored (a) if Rasi/Rajjukuta are available,.
(B) Lord of the Janma rasi’s are the same. (C) Lord of the Janma rasi’s are friends.

Apart from the above points the effectiveness of the Kuja Dosha,Dasa Sandhi,and Papa samya of the horoscopes also should be looked into.

Note:(This is only a broad guideline for matching of horoscopes. Considered opinion of a good astrologer is required for matching of horoscopes of a prospective bride and a bridegroom).

The following rules are also considered as important for deciding the compatibility of the partners.

. If the girl has her moon in the same sign as that in which the lord of the 7th house in the boy's chart is placed. For example: If the girl's star is Aswathi and the boys star is Revathi; the lord of 7th house of the boy is Budha. Hence if budha is placed in Mesha that is a good matching point.

2. If the moon sign in a girl's chart is exaltation sign of the lord of 7th house in boy's chart
Example: If girl’s star is Hastham and boy's star is Revathi, as Hastham is the exaltation sign of the 7th lord in the boy’s chart good matching point is present.

3, Even if the moon's sign in a girl's chart happens to be the depression sign of the lord of the 7th house of the boy's chart. Example: Girl's star is Revathi, boy's star is Hastham.

4. If the moon sign of the girl is the same as that in which Venus in a boy's chart is placed.
Example: Boy's star is Bharani. Girl's star is Makam. Boys' Venus is in Simha Rasi.

5. The sign in which the lagna lord of the boy is placed, happens to be the moon's sign of the girl.
Example: Boy's lagna is mesha and Mesha Lord Mars is placed in Mithuna and Girl's star is Arudra.

6. If the Lagna lord of the girl happens to be same as the 7th sign from the boy's moon's sign
Example: Girl's lagna is Kanni. And boy's star is Revathi

7. If the girl has her moon sign as one of those in which the planets aspecting the moon sign in a boy's chart, are placed.
Example: Boy's moon in Mesha is aspected by Venus/Jupiter from Thula Rasi and girl's Moon is in Thula.

8. Compare the lagna lord of one chart with the 7th lord of the other chart and vice versa. They should be in mutual kendras or in trines for a happy married life.
Example: Lagna lord of the girl is Mesha and 7th lagna lord of the other chart say is Venus if Mars and Venus are in mutual kendras or in mutual trines it is good for marriage.

9. The owner of the sign occupied by lagna is to be compared with the owner of the sign occupied by the 7th lord of the other chart for any affliction

10. Apply the same rule as above from the sign occupied by Venus in two charts.

11. Apply the rule 8 from the sign occupied by the moon in the other chart. i.e compare with Lord of the Lagna, with 7th lord from the moon of the other chart.

12. Lord of the lagna lord in one chart is to be compared with the position of the 9th lord in the Other

13. The position of the 5th lord in the male chart is to be compared with that of the 9th lord in other Chart

14. Lagna lord of one is to be compared with the 7th lord of the other and vice versa.

15 The position of the lord of the lagna in the two charts are to be examined for mutual relationship

16. Compare the moon sign in one chart with that of the Mars in the other and the sign of the Mars in one with that of the moon in the other. Similarly compare the Sun of one with that of the Venus in the other and vice versa. Comparison also to be made with the sign occupied by the sun with that of the Jupiter in the other chart and vice versa.

17, Compare the position of the moon in both the charts.

18. Consider the position of 2nd and 7th house and its lords; and marakathipathi sthana ( 11/9/7) with reference to the moon and Lagna for any visible imparities ( 11 for Chara rasi, 9th for sthira rasi and 7th for ubhaya rasi.)

19. The position from lagna occupied by 7th Lord and 8th Lord have to be considered in the two charts separately.
Example: See whether Mars/Saturn/Rahu/Kethu are in the 7th or 8th house in two charts.


a. 7th Lord, 7th house and Venus are the primary indicators for marriage.
b.2nd,4th,8th,11th,and12thhouses,respectively,indicates-family, house/vehicle/,longevity/,friendship/money/expenses/comfort in life etc.

c. 5th and 9th lord are purva punya sthana, and for getting issues.

d. 9th and 10th should be reasonably strong and unafflicted for comfortable life.
e, Moon should not be badly afflicted.

f. Very weak or badly afflicted lagna affects the owner of the chart.


1.Longivity in both the charts and for serious afflictions if any.

2. Good prosperity in reference to karmasthana/labha sthana and vraya Sthana. ( i.e. for job prosperity- income and expenditure etc.)

3. Indications for issues.

4.Very bad Dasa Santhi for both within a reasonable period from the marriage.

5. Minimum 18 out of 36 Kutas. Or 4 out 10 agreements like Rasi, Rasi Athipathi, Rajju, Dina,Gana, Vedhai etc.

6. No gross difference in dosha points. ( More or less equal doshas in both the chart)

7. Mars Dosha/ Sukara Sashtaashtama ( 6/8).Aspects among saturn/venus/mars and affliction of Lagna Moon/Venus in a chart.

8. 7th Lord in enemy's sign or in debilitation/severely afflicted, the partner will be indifferent unless well supported by Jupiter or other factors.

9. 7th lord is in dussthana or lord of the sthana is not good and well placed..

10.Good combination of 7th and 4th Lord with mutual aspects would be good

11, 7th Lord and 10th lord in both charts with mutual affinity and well disposed are good ingesting assistance from the partner.


1. The Lagna/sun/moon in one chart with the other should be in ekathipathya / sama sapthama or good friends.

2. Mars/venus/saturn/moon give hints about physical attraction.


1. Full moon and good Jupiter in the 7th house 2. Second and 7th lords or houses in good association shows deep affection for the partners. 3. Lagna Lord 7th Lord in conjunction or aspect the spouse would be mutually attracted. 4. Lagna Lord aspecting 7th Lord and or Venus the persons would like his wife a lot. 5. The 7th Lord with or good Venus the person will be very fond of his wife.6. The 7th lord exalted or in own house or in very friendly sign



HOUSES------------7TH &8TH----------- -----------2/4/&12TH -------

PLANETS MARS-rahu/kethu/SAT-in the order 1/2/3/4 in
the 7thand 8th house and in the 2nd 4th,12th house
in that order.

NEECHA 100% 75% 50. % 50% 50% 25%
ENEMEY 100% 75% 50.% 50% 50% 25%
NEUTRAL100% 50% 50% 50% 50% 25%
FRIENDS 75% 50% 25.% 25% 25% 25%
OWN 75% 50% 25.% 25% 25% 25%
UCHA 50% 50% 25.% 25% 25% 25%

In General Papa Samya has to be ascertained first
from Lagna, 2nd from Moon and the 3rd with reference
to Venus also , apart from considering mars/kuja- dosha.
The above dosha points are generally indicated as one
full, three fourth, one half and quarter respectively..
Assign mark to each papa Grahas with reference to
their respective position from Lagna, Moon and Venus.
If more dosha points are there in one horoscope
and more or less same or slightly less dosha points
are also there in the other horoscope - such horoscopes
can be matched.

Differences between Star Matching and Horoscope
matching is given below.:-

Jathaka Porutham :

Unlike nakshatra poruthams, Jathaka porutham is difficult
to judge. Common man can do jathaka porutham only for
initial screening purpose to reject the horoscopes which
are definitely not matching and should get the horoscopes
which are OK in the initial -Self screening, rechecked by
a learned astrologer.Like nakshatra poruthams, Jathaka
Poruthams are -also 10 in numbers. Jathaka
poruthams assumes lot of importance as this has great
relevance to girl’s married life. Both the jathakams should
have great ayurbhavam.The horoscope should be screened for
Chovvai dosham (Kuja dosham), Kalatra dosham,and Ravi dosham.
Dasa sandhi , their mahadasas calculated from the shishta
dasas at birth (garbhashishtam) should not cross in early
married life, as these dasa sandhis could result in great
hardships including the possibility of death of any one of them.

The important houses to be checked for marriage matching are:

2nd house of both boy and girl should be free from affliction.

5th house which is puthrasthanam should not be afflicted
by dosha grahas.
7th house of both boy and girl should agree totally
for happy marriage.
8th house which is mangalya sthanam for girls should
not be afflicted.
Also 9th house which is Bhagyasthanam should not
be afflicted.

1. Papasameepyam :

All horoscopes we come across are not Suddha jathakams.
Many will have doshams. Doshams are counted
from both Lagnam and Chandran for our initial
self-screening. Later while studying papasameepyam
in detail by a learned astrologer, it is essential
to check from Lagnam, Chandran and Sukran.
Afterwards the average of these three are taken
to quantify papam.

The dosham (papam) count of boy and girl
should be equal (Example: If the Boy has papam
count up to 1, then it should be matched with a
girl’s Horoscope having dosham of 1. Many astrologers
approve if the boy has slightly more papam. That is if
the dosham count is 1:1 for boy and girl,
the jathakam can be passed for matching.
Even 1.25 : 1 for boy and girl can be cleared for marriage.

7th House :

This is an important house to be judged for marital
happiness. Of all dosha grahams Sani and Kujan are
the worst destroyers, if they are in papasthanam.
A girl’s horoscope should be checked for her own
7th house, the boys 7th house both individually and
also the combined horoscope for all aspects.

8th House :

This house is mangalya sthanam for girls and should
not be afflicted by Dosha graham. If 7th or 8th houses
of a girl is afflicted by papa grahams,then matching has
to done with equal count of dosham in boy’s horoscope.
Only Guru has the power of eliminating papathwam in full
-100% by his 7thaspect and partial - 50% if Guru is in
5th and 9th aspects (in varying degrees).

Generally it can be seen as full elimination of papathwam.
For Papasamyam 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses are only considered.
The papa grahams are Kujan, Sani, Rahu, Kethu and Ravi.
The dosham is counted separately from Janma lagnam and
Chandra lagnam.

Sometimes papam is calculated from Sukran as well.
For exact papam calculation doshams from Lagnam,
Kujan and Sukran are calculated and then the average is taken.
From the table we can see that if the dosham from Lagnam is 1,
then from kujan is 0.75 and Sukran is 0.50 for a particular
sthanam. This exact calculation, we can leave to the professional
astrologer for final check up.

2. Dasa Sandhi :

In the horoscope, garbhashishta dasa
and garbhashishta period is given. From this by simple
addition of each dasakalam we can calculate on which
year, month and date the next dasa starts. Do this
calculation for both boy and girl and tabulate side by side.
Find out whether dasas change for the boy and girl in the
same year. If so the jathakams cannot be matched. From
the birth star, dasa at the time of birth is obtained.
Dasa should not change within one year for the boy and girl.

3. Chovva Dosham :

In lagnam if Kujan is in 2, 4, 7, 8, 12, then the
horoscope has to be studied in detail for Chovva dosham
– Kuja dosham.

Apart from 2,4,7,8,12 positions Vakhya Panchangam
includes Lagna Kujan also. In North India also Lagna
Kujan is considered as Kuja Dosham. . Apart from this
there are umpteen number of rules to neutralize Chevvai
Dosham some of which are given below.

Dosham Neutralisation Rules :
1.If Kujan is in 1,2,4,7,8,12 and Guru
is in 1,4,5,7,9,10 there is no kuja dosham.

2. Chandran is in Kendra or Chandran–Kujan together
– No kuja dosham.

3. Benefics in 1,4,5,7,9,10 and Malefics in 3,6,8,11 cancel
Kuja dosham.

4. Chandran and Sukran in 2nd house, Kujan with Guru,
Guru fully aspecting Kujan, Rahu in Kendra rasis(1,4,7, 10),
Kujan and Rahu in any bhava do not give rise to Kuja dosham.

5. If any strong malefic graham of boy is in the same house
of girl Kuja dosham is cancelled.

6. If Rasi Nathans of boy and girl are friends and gunas
are similar (i.e Deva / Deva etc.)and more gunas are tallying
(say more than 30) then no kuja dosham.

7. If Guru is strong and Sukran is in Lagnam or in 7 th house
then no Kuja dosham.

8. If in the other chart Sani is in 1,4,7,8,12 kuja dosham is
cancelled. (i.e. in the chart where kuja dosham is not found).

9. Kuja is bad in 2 provided such 2nd house happens to be in
any sign Other than Mithunam and Kanni.

10. Kuja in 12 causes dosham in all signs except Vrishabam
and Thulam (contradiction to this rule is evident).

11. Kujan in 4 causes affliction in signs other than Mesham
and vrischgam.

12. Kujan in 8 –evil in all signs except Dhanu and Meenam.

13. Kujan in Simham and Kumbham produces No dosham
whatever be in 2,4,7,8,12 .

14. Kujan – Guru yogam –dosham is countered.(Yogam
means two or more grahams together in the same house).

15. Kujan with Chandran, dosham is countered by this

16. Kujan with combination like Rahu/Kujan, Sani/Kujan,
Kethu/Kujan --No dosham.

17. Kujan in chara rasi no dosham (Mesham, Karkitakam,
Thulam and Makaram)

18. Kujan aspected by Guru as 5th and 9th aspect-No dosham.

19. Kujan aspected by Budhan as 7th aspect-No dosham.

20. Kujan’s graham’s Rasyadhipahy is in 1,4,5,7,9,10 –
No chevvai dosham.

21. If Kujan is with Guru – no dosham.

22. If Kujan is with Budhan – no dosham

23. If Kujan is with Ravi or aspected by Ravi – no dosham.

24. If Lagnam is in Ravi kshetram, Chandra kshetram,
Guru kshetram, Kuja kshetram then no chevvai dosham.

25. Guru or Sukran in Lagnam – no chevvai dosham

26. If Kujan is in Swakshetra Navamsakam(i. e. Kujan
vargottamam) -No chevvai dosham.

27. If Kujan is in mitrasthanam – i.e. ( Ravi , Chandran
and Guru are mitrams) Simham, Karkitakam, Dhanu
and Meenam – then no chevvai dosham.

With all these exemptions what looks like chevvai dosham
by first sight vanishes. There are so many rules in astrology
(the list is quite long) to nullify / neutralize Kuja dosham,
which are well explained by learned astrologers.

(Note: Please Note that the above given material
is only for reference for matching of horoscopes.
Please do not treat this as an 100% authentic document)

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