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Sree Gurubyo namaha- Hari: Om:


In Yajurveda- Taitareeya Sakha-Aaranyakam the very first prasna deals with Surya Upasana. The same is called in different names like Aruna Prasnam, Aarunam, Suryanamaskara Mantras, Surya-Upanishad etc. It contains 32 Anuvakas consisting of 132 Panchatees. These mantras in the Aarunam are mainly in praise of Sun God and deals with Soorya Upasana/Aruna Kethuka sayanam . By Chanting these mantras and doing namaskarams to the Sun God at sun rise time one can attain all Purusharthas, Extended Life Span with good health/fame/tejas etc.

Aarogyam Bhaskarat Ichet- As per this dictum if one inquest for good health; he should worship Sun God.

Janmantara Krutham Papam Vyadhi rupena Bhadhyadhe
Tat Shanthi Oushadhaihi- Dhaanaihi -Japa Homa

An Atma is returning to this world to complete one’s Sanchita Papas. It is believed that balance of papas is affecting one in the form of diseases. To over come that one has to take medicine and do japa, homa, Dhana Dharmas and other prayachitas.

Dharmartha Kama Mokshanam Aaarogyam Moolakaranam Rogaath Tasya Apaharthara: Sreyaso Jeevithasya cha.

One has to live in this world as ordained in the Sruthi and Smrithi Dharmas. Through Dharma Marga one has to earn Artha- ie. Wealth to fulfill one’s desires (Kamas). Moksham is the fourth stage in which one has to seek ways and means through a Guru to attain the same. Good and sound health is the prime requirement to lead an ideal life as stated in above sloka.. Diseases prevents one from doing his duties. Hence to have a continuous good health one has to pray God. Aruna Prasnam contains such mantras that have to be chanted..

In Aruna Prasnam though the presiding deity is Sun God, prayer is also made to many other devathas like Saraswathi, Jala,Devathas-Vayu,Varuna,Agni,Kuberas,Vaisravanas,Indra,Chandra,Maruthganas,
Gandharvaganas, Aswini Devas, and Adithi etc.etc. through mantras .Mention about creation of the universe, Soorya Mandalam, changing of seasons, climate,ways and means about yagnas etc find a place here.

In Aarunam happening of Day /night, paksha, masa, rithu, Ayanam, samvatsaram etc are explained in detail with attributes to Sun God. Six rithus- vasanthm, greeshmam, varsham, sarath, hemantham, sisiram are explained in detail in the first 20 Panchatees. (up to 6th Anuvakam)

In the 7th Anuvakam explanation is given about the Soorya Mandalam and about the 8 Adithyas i.e Arogan, Braja: Padara: Pathanga: Swarnan, Jothisheeman, Vibhasa: and Kasyapan.Explanation relating Maha Meru is also mentioned in this Anuvaka.

In the 8th Anuvaka- Rishis Panchakarnar, Sapthakarnar, Pranatrathar, who have seen Soorya Mandalam explain about the kalas/time-death/how the world stands etc. The reason and cause of death finds a mention here.With prayer to Agni to lead us in righteous direction this anuvaka ends.There is also mention about Kala Mruthyu and Akala Mruthyu here.

It is Jamadagni Rishi who is instrumental in propagating UPSANA Marga. He is the propagator for all Chandas.In 9th anuvaka prayers to Agni - Vayu – Gandharva- and Maruth Ganas, Godess Saraswathi are given. How to overcome Apamruthyu is mentioned in this Anuvaka. 10th Anuvaka contain prayer to Aswini Devas, and in the 11th the Glory of the Sun God is explained. He is mentioned as the provider of food for the entire universe. One of the Saptharishis – Rishi Athri is reported to have created this JAGATH with the help of Sooshma Jagath Karana Vasthu. Here it is stated that one who effectively and in prescribed manner performs the Sooryopasana would become an ever-lasting star in the universe like the Saptharishis.

Rishi Angiras found out and narrated some mantras from his samadhi. His son “ Shyavaswar” propagated these mantras and the method of Chanting mantras. Gayathri mantra in praise of Sun God is also finding a place in this Anuvaka. Sareera Dharmas like happiness, sorrow, and sensual pleasures are explained, as relating to some part of the body and they have no connection and do not beloning to “Aatma”

In 12th Anuvaka prayer to Lord Indra to protect us is made .In 13th Anuvaka prakruthi tatwa, Atma tatwa, childrens of Bhudevi, Adhithi Devatha Mantras are given. Adithi Devi got her first 7 children through her likings they are Mithran, Varunan, Dhadha, Aryaman, Amsan, Bagan, Vivaswan.8th child - Marthandan (Sun God) was abandoned by her because of dislike, became a Mrithyu devatha. Life Span of all jeevas reduces with the rise and setting of the Marthandan.This is called Kala Mruthyu. Sun God is worshipped in Sandhya Kala to give us extended life span from Kala Mruthyu.

In 14/15/16 prayers to Sun God are mentioned. In 17/18 Rudra Swaroopi Vayu Lord 's prayer is available. In Anuvaka 19 various Narakas/Hell are explained. They are Visarpi/Avisarpi-Vishadhi/Avishadi etc.

In 20 and 21 Aruna Kethuka Sayanam is explained.

In Anuvaka 22 prayer to jaladevatha (water) is given. One of the tatwa mantras Yopam Pushpam Veda…. is explained in detail here. In 23 rd anuvaka the importance of powerful sankalpam to fulfil one's desire is elucidated. Birth relating to Devas and Asuras are mentioned here. There is also mention about Mahat Jalam/ Jagat Srushti in this anuvaka.

In 24/25/26 Method of Aruna Kethuka Sayanam, procurement of water from six different sources,creation of uttaravedi, spreading of Lotus leaves, Lotus Stem, Agni Prathisha etc are mentioned here.

In Anuvaka 27 sareera consists of 8 datus like skin, blood, flesh, medhas,bone, majja,suklam, ojas are explained. Elucidation about Nava Dwaras in human body,Old age, acquiring diseases, rebirth, Moksham etc etc. are available in this Anuvaka. Essence of Para Brahma Tatwa is reported in this Anuvaka.

In Anuvaka 28 how to pray to Agni Lord are explained. In 29th Anuvaka Lord Parjanya (rain God) is praised. In 30th prayer for Deerga Ayu: by increase of "Retha" is made. Anuvaka 31 Vaisravana Yagna and prayer to Kubera to fulfill all our desires are made. Aruna Kethuka Sayanam Vratham is explained in 32nd Anuvaka.

It can be seen that by chanting the the Aruna Prasnam at sun rise time we would be able to acquire all purusharthas- along with good health and increased life span.

Subham Asthu.

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