Thursday, May 31, 2007




(A) 1. Turmeric Powder 200 gram.2. Rice powder 200 gram for preparation of Swasti Padmam

(B) Note: the following are approximate measurement required for one coconut:-( as far as possible one full coconut along with its outer husk, inner shell etc should be completely used for homam)

Coconut. (2) 100 gram powdered Jaggery (3)50 gram ghee (4) 50 gram honey (5)1 litre Nel Pori (6)8 small pieces sugarcane (7)50 gram white Tila seeds ( White Ellu) (8) 8 small ripe plantain (9) 8 modakam (10) 8 neyyappam

(C) For Homa separately half litre ghee.

(D) Arukan Pillu for Homam

(E) 21 Poorna Modakam and 21 Neyyappam for Nivedhya

(F) One Red colour Half a metre cloth for Poornahuthi

(G) OTHER ITEMS REQUIRED: Apart from usual pooja vessels- There should be one big lamp and one small lamp should be kept ready. More red colour flowers may be used. Small firewood cut to pieces should be kept ready according to the requirement for the homam. Minimum 5 Bundle of the same with approximate weight of about 3Kgs should be arranged. mixture of half a kilo flowers are required for the pooja.

Average size Homa Kundam or 16 Bricks along with Pure sand and varatti (Big size 8 Nos would be required.

Three to four feet mala. Another coconut- 1-dozoen Vaza-pazam for Nivedhya along with bettle leaves and pakku. Kum Kum, Chandan,Bathi, Camphor etc are to kept ready.


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