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List of items required to do Sri Rudra Abisheka: -

1. Panchayatana pooja Vighrahas/Salagramams

2. Pooja Vessels: Panchapatra- Arkya Patra- Kalasa Kumbha- Brass plates Small: 3 Big: 3 Nandimukham Bell, Eka Mukha Deepam, Pancha Mukha Deepam, Dhoopam Stand, Conch(Sanghu with stand) Karpoora Jothi Plate, Peedam Dhara Patram , Theerthavari etc. One or two brass or silver tumblers, Kuthu Vilakku.

3.General items: Turmeric Powder 25 Grams, Sandal Paste or powder 50 Grams,Viboothi: 100 Grams. Kum Kum Red 50 grams. Three or 5 thread Thiri Nool. Mango Leaves 7 to 10 Nos. Panneer 1 Small Bottle. Ramacham/Vetti Ver 50 Grams. 5 or 6 Elakkai, small quantity of Pacha Karpooram, Karpooram 50 Grams. Agarbathi One Packet, Akshada about one small tumbler. Three Coconuts. Gingilee Oil 500 Grams.

4. Nivedhya Dravyas: 18 Banans. 100 Bettle Leaves. Pakku 50 Gms.

5. Abhisheka Dravyas: (all Items minimum half tumbler except Cow’s Milk ( half litre)

1.Gantha Tailam (usually used is Gingili Oil),

2.Panchagavyam ( made of Cow’s urine, dung, milk, curd, and ghee added in the proportion (2:1:12:8:2 with appropriate mantras.)

3.Panchamrutham Mixture made out of ( Three to five big Banana ( Pacha Plantain preferred), 200 grams Jaggery Powder,100 grams honey,100 grams ghee, 100 Grams red colour sugar candy,100 Grams Lion Brand seed less dates)

4. Ghee 50 Grams 5. Cow’s milk half litre 6. Curd One tumbler 7.Small portion of Honey 8. Sugar Cane Juice 9. Lemon Juice 10. Tender Coconut 1 no.11.Panneer one small bottle, Sandal Paste, & Vibhoothi.12. Decorated Kalasam( Placed above 1 Kg Rice spread in a plantain leaf or in a Brass Tambalam with Mango leaves, Kumba rathnam, Koorcham, Mixture of Pacha Karpoora. Elakkai etc)

6. 12 Feet Long Mala made of Javanthi or Jasmine or of mixed flowers. Thulasi leaves, vilva leaves, 1 Kg. Arali, 1 Kg. Sugantharaj, 1 Kg. Jasmine, along with small quantity of other flowers like rose Javanthi, Sampige, etc are also required.

Note: As Kumbarathnam we generally put a coin inside the Kalasam. But kumbarathnams consists of pancharathnams : i.e gold, kulisam, Neelam, Padmaragam and pearl.

Five leaves to be kept in the kalasam are Aswatha,Oudumbara,Palasa,Mango,Athi leaves.But generally we use only Mango leaves.

For Siva Pooja Talam Poo should not be taken. Similarly do not take Akshada, arkapushpam for Vishnu. Do not use Tulasi for Ganapathi, Arukan pillu should not be used for Devi. Using of Vilwa leaves is Nishidha for Soorya Lord.

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